About Thesanofi:

www.thesanofi.com is an online asset for ladies and mothers who need to carry on with a more advantageous life. Our organizer, Katie, alongside a group of analysts and medicinal consultants, break down a wide assortment of wellbeing, child-rearing, and common living subjects and abridge the data in a reasonable and usable manner. We will probably show reasonable tips, genuine sustenance plans, DIY excellence guidelines, green cleaning instructional exercises, characteristic cures, and other data to improve your life.

The Thesanofi Team:

The group behind Thesanofi is devoted to giving forward-thinking handy data and assets for mothers. These assets are truth checked by our article group and investigated by our medicinal consultants for precision.

Katie Wells, Founder, and Chief Thesanofi:

Katie Wells Thesanofi Katie Wells, CTNC, MCHC, who thinks most profiles are quite exhausting, needs to face a daily reality such that clothing folds itself, mothers get the chance to wear the hero ensembles they’ve officially earned, and our children never need to manage the medical issues our reality is as of now confronting.

A mother of six with a foundation in news coverage, she brought wellbeing into her very own hands and began exploring to discover answers to her wellbeing battles. Her exploration transformed into a blog and webcast that transformed into a stunning network (featuring you!). On the off chance that Katie was composing this, she wouldn’t reveal to you that she’s composed more than 1,500 blog entries, 3 books, and was named one of the 100 most persuasive individuals in wellbeing and health. Or on the other hand that she’s been known as an ideal chief for the present ages of mothers.

At the point when she’s not perusing medicinal diaries, making new plans, or recording webcasts, you can discover her someplace outside in the sun with her better half (who she met strolling the nation over one summer in school) and six children or undertaking some DIY redesigning venture that definitely accepts twice the length it should.

Mandatory extra irrelevant arbitrariness: doula, speed-peruser, detests bananas, adores baseball, can’t sing, scuba-jumper, INTJ, profoundly experienced in responding to the inquiry, “why.”